Wooden Venetian Blinds
Aluminum Venetian Blinds
by admin- 2022-05-04

Venetian Blind with rainbow color and the aluminum material, hence it is very popular by office, house decoration.

J.S.L. venetian blinds slats’ permutation is very closed, it is better for anti-UV radiation, so you will feel the night mysterious when you drop it down.

The paint of slat and head rail is excellent, and it looks like car paint. After hanging up, the aesthetics rises linearly.

J.S.L. venetian blinds have 3 systems:

The normal/classical system: Venetian blind with cord;

The safety system, and best selling (popular) in USD: Venetian blind with cordless

The best convenient, control at any time: Electric venetian blind 

J.S.L. also has clean tool to clean the slat, hence, venetian blind easy to install and easy to clean.

Sales: Jan Jiang



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