blinds venetian aluminium
2022-11-14 15:18:57

blinds venetian aluminium

Blinds Venetian aluminum is a widely used curtain, which is made into the shape of a louver. Blinds Venetian aluminum is mainly composed of aluminum alloy that is not easy to rust. It is light and durable.




Advantages of blinds Venetian aluminium


  • The flowers are colorful. The leaves of aluminum alloy can be printed, and the colors are rich and colorful. There are many patterns of flowers, bringing vitality to the windows of the room.


  • Strong functionality. The aluminum louver has good shading properties, which can insulate heat and shade the sun, and has good flexibility and UV blocking effect.


  • Good resilience. The louver made of aluminum alloy has a smooth surface, a good handle, and good resilience.


  • Wide application scope. The aluminum louver is not only good at shading and shielding but also can be adjusted at will according to the needs of users. You can control whether there is light or not, so it has a wide range of applications.


  • Energy saving. Because its aluminum blades with high thermal reflectivity can reflect most of the sunlight and heat, it can help improve the cooling and heating effects of summer air conditioners and indirectly achieve the purpose of energy conservation.


  • Fade resistant. The upper rail, lower rail, and installation code of the aluminum louver are all coated with different colors of baking varnish, so they will not fade due to long-term sunlight.


  • Good toughness. Generally, the width of aluminum louver blades is 1.6cm, 2.5cm, and 5.0cm, and the thickness is about 0.18mm. Even when it is folded or twisted during installation and use, it can easily rebound, has excellent toughness, and is not easy to break.


  • The structure is closely fabricated. The ladder strips of the aluminum louver are woven into a ladder shape by four groups of fibers, and the distance between the ladder strips and the overlap between the blades is 4mm. Such design and manufacture not only ensure the shading effect of the blind curtain but also effectively ensure that the ladder rope and ladder belt are not easy to break, thus extending the service life of the product.


How to install blinds Venetian aluminum?


  • Measure the outer frame size


Width: Measure the width of the window frame from left to right. The widest dimension of the upper, middle, and lower part of the window is the proper width of the frame. The height of the window frame is measured from top to bottom. The larger size of the window on the left, middle, and right is the appropriate height of the frame.


  • Measure the inner frame size


The same as the method for measuring the size of the outer frame, the window depth shall be determined first so that the shutter blades can move freely. Different installation methods require different window depths.


For fixed or horizontal installation, the depth shall be 8cm. For push-pull installation, in addition to the width of the product blade, the number of layers for installing the product shall also be considered. Generally, two layers of push-pull shall ensure that the blade movement requires 15cm depth, and a single leaf shall be 10cm depth; 10 cm depth shall be reserved for folding installation.


  • Fixed installation code


All installation codes of the same product must be in the same line in the front and back, up and down directions. If there is a curtain box, the section width of the curtain box shall be greater than 90mm. Remember to push the installation code slider to the bottom, then push the shutter and rotate the shutter.


If the horizontal and vertical shutters need to be closed, the blades must be turned to be perpendicular to the wall before being pulled up. The pull rope is 45 degrees to the right, and the whole curtain will be fastened automatically.

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