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How to Install Self-fit Cord Operation Roller Blinds ?
by admin- 2018-05-18 14:37:21

Thank you for Purchasing a JSL Cord Operation Roller Blind ( Plain Fabric, No-woven Fabric or Polyester Roller Blinds for you to choose ). Please follow these quick and easy instructions to fit your blind. You will need a pencil, ruler, tape measure, hacksaw, scissors, craft knife, drill and spirit level.

Self-fit Roller Blinds——Assembly and Fitting Instrutions

A. Pack contents

This Pack contains (Fig 1): Wheel Bracket, Corded Wheel, Pin Plugger, Pin Plugger Bracket, Screw*4, Weight, Safety Device

B. Fixing the Brackets

For inside recess fixing, screw brackets to window frame. For outside recess fixing, screw brackets to wall allowing 51 mm (2") clearance on each side and above window recess.

Note: Check brackets are level using the ruler or your blind may hang crooked(Fig 2).

C. Measure the gap distance between the brackets

D. Cutting the blinds

Unroll the blind onto that smooth surface. Slide the fabric out of the tube far enough to trim the required amount of fabric. Remove the bottom bar from its pocket. Mark out the measurement less 30mm than the gap between the brackets and draw a dotted lined down the length of the blind. Cut 5 mm wider than the fabric using a fine tooth hacksaw. Finally cut the bottom bar to suit the width of the fabric and resert into the pocket (Fig 3).

Note: For scallop and eyelets blinds trim the same amount off both sides of the fabric in order to balance the trim at the bottom of the blind.

E. Fitting the corded wheel

Place the corded wheel into the desired end of the tube, and the pin plunger into the other end.

Fit the corded wheal into bracket.

F. Fitting into the brackets

Now fit the pin plunger end into the pin plunger bracket.

G. Safety Device

A tension device is included with this product & must be installed to avoid any possible strangulation hazard to children.

Loop Ball Chain onto tension device & secure with screws provided to wall or architrave at a height where the chain is taut but can pass pfeely.

Clip on tension device cover(Fig 4).

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