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venetian blind manufacturers
2022-11-14 14:05:07

venetian blind manufacturers

Venetian blind belongs to one kind of window sash, which is made of many horizontal slats. There are gaps between the horizontal slats, which can rise and fall up and down, and can be used to block sunlight or vision, as well as ventilation. As one of the leading Venetian blind manufacturers, we will introduce its advantage to you.


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Advantages of Venetian blinds


Beautiful and energy-saving


The Venetian blinds are simple and clean, and can be fully folded. After opening, you can have a panoramic view of the scenery outside the window. The windows are simple and generous, while the curtains only use part of the window space. The only small disadvantage is that the width of the visual windows of the house is affected, which is cumbersome.


Warm in winter and cool in summer


The Venetian blinds are made of materials with good heat insulation, which can effectively maintain the indoor temperature and achieve the purpose of saving energy. Simply adjust the free angle to control the incoming light, and adjust the blade angle to control the incoming light. The blade can be adjusted to the most appropriate position at will.


Protect privacy


The Venetian blind blocks the outside view in the concave and convex direction of the blade. While lighting, it blocks the outside view from top to bottom at night. If the convex face of the blade is indoors, the shadow will not be reflected outdoors.


Easy to clean


It is very convenient to clean and maintain the shutters. Usually, you can clean the dust on the shutters by gently patting them with a feather duster or wiping them with a towel. When cleaning, you should use a neutral detergent without worrying about fading. The discolored waterproof shutters can also be completely washed.




The shutters can also effectively block ultraviolet rays from entering and protect the furniture from fading due to the influence of ultraviolet rays. Compared with fabric curtains, shutters are easy to shrink and can prevent radiation. In terms of ventilation, its installation method and curtain texture allow you to easily enjoy the cool wind. In addition, when the shutter is completely closed, it is like an additional window, which can play the role of sound insulation.


Improve air circulation


Louver is mainly used to prevent dust from entering the room or ventilation duct. Secondly, it is to prevent rainwater from entering the room or the ventilation pipe. Finally, it is to prevent foreign matters or birds and animals outside from entering the room or the ventilation pipe.


How to clean the Venetian blind?


  • Because the Venetian blind is exposed to the air, it will inevitably be covered with dust. So we can use a feather duster to dust, and then use a dry rag to wipe so that we can remove the dust on the shutters.


  • First wear rubber gloves and then cotton gloves outside. Then immerse your hands in the diluted solution of household detergent and wring your hands dry. Insert your finger into the fully open shutter blade, clamp your finger and slide it hard, so that you can easily remove the dirt on the blade. If the cotton gloves are dirty, you can put your hands into the cleaning solution and rub them hard to clean them.


  • If there is a large enough cleaning tank, you can disassemble the shutter, soak the shutter in the cleaning agent, and wash it with clean water until it is almost soaked. If there is grease on the blade, spray it with alcohol and then scrub it normally.




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