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Market Analysis of Window Covering Product(1)
by admin- 2021-09-07

1.Window Covering

refers to the installation of shading facilities on buildings that have the function of blocking or adjusting sunlight entering the room. The sunshade industry(window covering industry) includes the production of sunshade materials, parts, products, assembly and sales of sunshade products, Xieyang scientific research, engineering design, construction and installation, sunshade products like project source cordless blinds, mini blinds big lots,timber venetian blinds,faux wood blind,aluminum blind,zebra blind,roller shade and engineering inspection, inspection and other enterprise sectors.Chinese sunshade manufacturers are now mainly private enterprises. Most of them are small and medium-sized enterprises. There are also some large-scale enterprises, some enterprises that produce and operate export sunshade products and contract foreign sunshade projects, and some foreign-funded enterprises.

Shading product manufacturers include shading materials and accessories production and supply companies that produce shading fabrics, curtains or components, manual control systems and auxiliary materials production and supply companies, mainly providing control plastic parts, metal parts, fiber ropes and other spare parts for sun protection products. ; Electric control system production and supply enterprises; shade product processing and manufacturing enterprises, that is, "brand owners"; shade product distribution enterprises, mostly fabric sellers. There are also some companies whose business spans different levels. It can be seen that the sunshade industry has a very wide range. The development of sunshade can play a good role in developing the national economy, expanding domestic demand and increasing employment.

2.The significance and role of developing sunshade
2.1. Reduce greenhouse gas emissions
If efforts are made, by 2020, China can develop half of the buildings to use shading, which can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by about 300 million tons. Approximately 49% of China's total emissions
Thus, it has made a major contribution to the cause of global greenhouse gas emission reduction and to the cause of my country's construction of ecological civilization.
2.2. Save building energy
If through hard work, by 2020, China can develop half of the buildings to use shading, and the annual heating and air-conditioning energy consumption will be reduced by more than 100 million tons of standard media, which will surely make greater achievements in building energy conservation.
2.3. Improve the comfort of living and life
Shading can prevent direct solar radiation from entering the room, improve the indoor microclimate, lower the indoor temperature, make the room cool and comfortable, and use less or even no air conditioning in summer.

3.the type of sunshade
Shading has a long history, and it has developed to the present, and there are many types, which can be classified in different ways:

3.1 According to whether the sunshade parts are active or not,It can be divided into fixed sunshade and movable sunshade.
Fixed sunshade
It is an integral part of the building body, can play a role in shading, and cannot open and close, extend and retract, etc. Such as large roofs, overhanging eaves, and sun visors fixed outside the windows are all fixed shading. Fixed sunshades generally have the same life span as buildings and do not require frequent maintenance, but they cannot be adjusted according to weather changes.
Removable shading
It can be flexibly adjusted according to the incident angle of sunlight and the needs of users. The movable sunshade can be rolled up, retracted, translated, folded, retractable, and rotated. Some buildings in Xi'an adopt automatic control, which can be group or single control, and some use sunlight tracking.

3.2. According to the position covered by the shading facilities
(1) Space shading Use sheltering facilities, to block out a certain space to provide people with a cool and comfortable environment.
(2) Wall sunshading. For example, plant climbing plants on the wall for sunshade, double-layer curtain wall with louver for sunshade, outside wall with lattice wall or planting tall trees for sunshade, etc.
(3) Shading at door and window openings, such as fixed facilities such as window covers, window lintels, sun visors, or sun blinds, sun louvers, sun awnings and other movable facilities set around or on the door and window openings.
(4) Transparent curtain wall sunshading, such as double-layer curtain wall with central blind sunshade, wing sunshade, grille sunshade, built-in sunshade blinds, soft roller blinds, etc.
(5) Use top sunshades such as canopy curtains, sun visors, green shading, etc.

3.3. According to the location of shading facilities on the building facade
(1) Horizontal shading installed in the horizontal direction can effectively block the direct sunlight incident from above when the sun is high.
(2) The vertical shading installed in the vertical direction can effectively block the direct sunlight that is incident obliquely from the upper side when the sun height angle is small.
(3) The integrated sunshade set in the cross direction can effectively block the direct sunlight that is incident from the front and side obliquely.
(4) Baffle type, use the baffle outside the window to directly block the incident sunlight.


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