black sunscreen roller blinds
38mm Sunscreen Roller Blinds

38mm Sunscreen Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are favored by buyers and consumers as a highly mature and widely used product in the window decoration industry. It can reduce and block light to meet people's needs for various light intensities; it can also be fireproof, windproof, dustproof, warm, noise reduction, heat insulation, radiation protection, UV protection, and other features to improve the climate and environment of the room. It has become a must-have piece of functional and decorative interior design.

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25mm/38mm indoor white sunscreen roller blinds

25mm sunscreen roller blinds25mm sunscreen roller blinds



38mm sunscreen roller blinds

38mm sunscreen roller blinds



38mm sunscreen roller blinds

Roller blinds, as a highly mature and widely used product in the window decoration industry, are favored by buyers and consumers. It can reduce light and block light to meet people's needs for different light intensities; it can also be fireproof, wind, dust, warmth, noise reduction, heat insulation, radiation protection, UV protection, etc., to improve the climate and environment of the room. It has become an must-have, functional and decorative interior decoration.


According to the control system, it can be divided into manual system, spring system and electric system. As one of the commonly used sunscreen roller blinds, manual roller blinds have a variety of fabrics for users to choose to meet different sunshade needs. However, it is often referred to as plain weave, sunray (see-through) and blackout. Sunshine fabric roller blinds, also known as light-transmitting roller blinds, are one of the window decoration products. The curtain fabric is processed by resin, rolled into a roller shape, and lifted and lowered by pulling beads. The operation is simple and convenient, and it has a beautiful appearance. The simplicity makes the window frame appear clean and neat, making the whole room look spacious and simple. Sunshine fabrics are made of warp and weft woven fabrics, porous molecular technology, excellent flatness, prevent distortion and deviation, have the advantages of flame retardant, waterproof, shading and perspective, and have good flexibility and durability. Sunshine fabric is breathable and environmentally friendly, has no odor, and is free of formaldehyde to protect safety and health.

The 38mm aluminum alloy round tube used in the sunshine fabric roller blind is thicker and thicker, which can effectively bear the load in long-term use. The opening rate of the new sunshine fabric is between 3%-5%, which can highly isolate ultraviolet rays and solar radiation, and maintain indoor air circulation, and can clearly see the outdoor scenery. It is thick, waterproof and mildew-proof, and easy to clean. Due to its special light transmittance, sunlight fabrics print landscape paintings on the surface, which can especially reflect the looming beauty of ink paintings, making the space full of artistic atmosphere.

Sunscreen roller blinds are suitable for offices, public areas, business spaces, art galleries, banks, high-speed rail, trains and other places.

Does fabric colour make a difference?

The fabric colour you choose will determine how the blind performs and what results you'll achieve once you've installed it. It's always best to work out what you need the blind to do, then make that your primary reason for choosing the colour. For example - do you need to maintain excellent visibility to the outside, or perhaps increase the brightness of your space?  Don't just opt for which colour works best with your interior. There is more at play here. 

Light colours will affect the light and heat whilst maximising the brightness of your space, which can make them a little harder to see through when the sun is shining brightly outside. Darker colours offer excellent visibility from inside to out and tend to be a little easier on the eye as they absorb the light and heat. This absorption may make the room feel a bit warmer though, so just be aware.


indoor sunscreen blinds

Company Profile

Guangzhou J.S.L Technology Co., situated in guangzhou,China. Our factory was found in 1993,we are a manufacturer that produces and sells a variety of window blind and intelligent sunshade products.Our own workshop covers an area of about 10,000 square meters, with three main production lines,several automatic and semi-automatic professional production lines,such as automated mini blind equipments, roller shade equipments, packaging equipments, etc.We have about 100 skilled production staffs, 20 management staffs,5 development and design staffs. Committed to becoming a one-stop purchasing blinds factory,our production line includes aluminum blinds, wooden blinds,faux wood blind, vertical blinds, PVC venetian blinds, bamboo blinds, roller blinds,vertical blind,zebra blind,RV blinds,motorized blind and related blind parts, blind making machines.


We can yearly output 1.5 million pcs PVC and aluminum blinds,500,000 pcs faux wood blind,200,000 pcs vertical blind,1.5 million pcs roller shade, 1.5 million pcs pleated shade,1.5 million pcs other blinds. Our products are exported to Europe, America, Southeast Asia and the Middle East and have won us a good reputation. As one of the most well-organized and experienced professional manufacturer of window decorations in China, we can ensure excellent quality, attractive prices and good services. We are trying our best to satisfy our customers through continuous research and development of new products and prompt delivery. Clients from domestic and abroad are welcome to contact us for business cooperation. About 100 skilled production personnel, 15 excellent quality inspectors, and 20 experienced management personnel ensure product quality and delivery time.  10 sales provide customers high-quality pre-sales and after-sales service.


Our services

  • OEM
  • ODM
  • Free sample
  • 6 months quality guarantee
  • On-site or online factory and goods inspection
  • Online survey site, remote guidance of design, installation


indoor sunscreen blinds

white sunscreen roller blinds

white sunscreen roller blindswhite sunscreen roller blindsindoor sunscreen blindsindoor sunscreen blinds


Process flow of venetian blind

  • Forming and punching of slats
  • Rails prep installation
  • Connect slats anad rails
  • Inspection
  • Package

Process flow of fabric blind

  • Fabric cutting, folding
  • Rails prep installation
  • Connect fabrics anad rails
  • Inspection
  • Package



Packing & Shipping

Generally, the goods are delivered to customers by sea or air, the production time is 45-60 days, and the goods are packed in carton or pallets.Sale package option: Paper boxes, PVC transparent boxes, mail order boxes and so on.What is more, packaging can be designed according to customer requirements.



Q: What is the MOQ?

A: MOQ: 300PCS

Q: What is your delivery time?

A: 45-60 days

Q: What is the payment method?

A: TT,L/C,Paypal, West Union, 30% deposit,70% balance before shipping.

Q: How do you guarantee the quality of your products?

A: we have an inspection team of 10 workers, 100% inspection for every piece of blind from appearance to function.

Q: Are you a factory or a trading company?

A: We are a manufacturer.

Q: Where is your factory?

A: Guangzhou,China

Q: Are custom services available?

A: Yes.

Q: Do you support OEM and ODM?

A: Yes.

Q: Why choose us?

A: We have the following advantages: competitive prices,high quality, on time delivery,free samples.7/24 hours after-sale service.We can be your trustful partners on window blinds and shades markets!

Q: How long is the product warranty?

A: 6 months.

Q: Does your packaging ensure product safety?

A: Sale package option: Paper boxes, PVC transparent boxes, mail order boxes and so on. Seaship outer package:and the goods are packed in carton or pallets.

Q: What information do I need to provide to get an accurate quote?

A: Blind type, blind width and height, quantity and other request.

Q: How can I get product progress without going to your company?

A: We will keep you updated on production stage by email,when the goods are ready you can have video inspection,video shipping monitor.

Q: How is your after-sales service?

A: 7 sales provide customers high-quality pre-sales and after-sales service.

Q: Can samples be ordered?

A: Yes.

Q: How much is the sample fee, can it be refunded after bulk product?

A: Most samples are free, for high value samples we will charges and refund accordingly order scale.

Q: Do you provide quality assurance?

A: 6 months quality guarantee.

Q: Do you support providing samples?

A: Yes.

Q: What is the supply capacity?

A: We can yearly output 1.2 million pcs PVC and aluminum blinds,450,000 pcs faux wood blind,200,000 pcs vertical blind.

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