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Resisted COVID-19
by admin- 2020-04-30

China is still on the way to resist COVID-19. Helping other countries to pass thought the dilemma. However, in China, there’s new COVID-19 people who is called asymptomatic case, which means you can’t test him by simple way-test temperature to isolate him. Who is mostly became the asymptomatic? The people who come from epidemic area are a big chance to get. So now, all the people who come from Hubei Province need to take nucleic acid testing before he comes back to work. This case will also be likely happened on other countries when all things will be going back to normal. Sincerely hope other countries’ leader can also pay attention to this phenomenon too. Don’t be careless and unconcerned again, just like the beginning of COVID-19.

There’s an old saying:  “A  fall into the pit, a gain in your wit. “ Cherish your life, be responsible for your family.

Grace Lin


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