Wooden Venetian Blinds

Roller Blinds are the ultimate choice versatility and long-lasting durability of blinds or window treatments. These blinds rails are made of heavy-duty iron or aluminum. We offer a lot of options of blinds fabrics, such as common blackout fabric, 3D printed fabric, sunscreens, plain fabric etc.. These blinds are affordable, practical, simple and yet attractive. They come with a vast array of colour options including black, white, brown, ivory, pink etc. With the modern, sleek look of printing, designer colours, and exciting metallics, our blinds make a statement and bring life and a personality to any space (commercial or private ). Welcome to visit our factory and understand our window blinds, shades and shutters.

  • fabric roller shade
    fabric roller shade
    17mm Easy Fix Roller Blind Shade No Screws
    17mm Easy Fix Roller Blind Shade No Screws. Samples can also help you get an idea of the style, fabric, and color of the roller blind you are going to buy.
  • roller blinds
    roller blinds
    Manual Chain Roller Shade Blinds
    Roller blinds are one of the window decoration products. The curtain fabrics are processed by resin, rolled into a roller shape, and lifted and lowered by ropes or chains. The operation is simple and convenient, and the appearance is beautiful and concise, making the window frame appear clean and neat. , make the whole room look spacious and simple.
  • cordless roller blinds
    cordless roller blinds
    RV Car Cordless Double Roller Shade
       RV double roller up share blinds combined with blackout fabric and not blackout net. So there will be two benifits for the RV house. You can put net down to prevent bugs, but also enjoy lights; or put down blackout fabric to enjoy a nice sleep and privacy.
  • Buy Automatic Smart Home Roller Blind blinds From Factory Direct
    Buy Automatic Smart Home Roller Blind blinds From Factory Direct
    Automatic Smart Home Roller Blind blinds
    Automatic Home Smart Roller Blinds Electric Roller Blind can make your life comfortable, convenient and beautiful Fabric style: 1) Plain fabric: many color for selecting, blackout and non-blackout             2) Sunscreen fabric: blackout and non-blackout, this fabric is waterproof, fire                   resiste Tube size: 18MM, 38MM Aluminum/Iron tube     Motor: Dooya or AOK or Smofy for selecting The bottom rail has many shade: round, oval, matching color as the fabric
  • roller blinds
    roller blinds
    Blackout Electric Roller Blinds Shades
    "Electric roller shutter" is an electric roller shutter mechanism powered by a tubular motor. Its operation only needs to flip the power switch, easy to operate, quiet and stable, and it is an upgraded product of manual roller blinds. The motor is directly installed in the aluminum alloy coil, which not only reduces the volume and force transmission link of the curtain box.
  •  Smart Roller Shade
     Smart Roller Shade
    Motorized Electric Automatic Smart Roller Shade
    Motor type of Motorized roller shade: wifi motor, rechargeable motor, normal cable motor. Controlled avaible for:Wifi control --App control-Amazon Echo & Alexa--Google play-Apple Home Pod-Google Home- Sonos-Tuya.
  • roller blinds
    roller blinds
    Plastic Bead Chain Roller Blinds
    Sun-shading roller blinds are roller blinds that are used to effectively block strong light from entering the room, and have the ability to transmit light, see through the scene, and adjust the temperature. Shading roller blinds can be used in the decoration of various buildings according to different needs, such as villas, office buildings, commercial buildings, hotels, high-end factory buildings, etc.
  • fabric roller shade
    fabric roller shade
    38MM Aluminum Tube Fabric Roller Blind Shade
    We offer free samples roller shade to our customers. Contact us and pay for the shipping, free samples will arrive at your door. You will see how the exact blind looks and works like by the samples. Samples can also help you get an idea of the style, fabric, and color of the roller blind you are going to buy.
  • roller blinds
    roller blinds
    Smart Google Home Blinds
          Smart curtains refer to curtains with certain self-reaction, adjustment, and control functions. For example, it can automatically adjust the light intensity, air humidity, and balance room temperature according to the indoor environment. It has three characteristics: intelligent light control, intelligent rain control, and intelligent wind control. In Europe, the intelligentization of window decorations has become a major symbol of fashionable home furnishings, and its energy-saving and environmentally friendly use leads the trend of the domestic window decoration market.
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