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Plantation Window Shutters
by admin- 2020-05-12

Plantation shutters is kind of decoration for doors and windows, which is different from other blinds, it’s more stable and firmly. In modern times, people choose plantation shutters mainly for these reasons: it has light control, improved room privacy, decoration, protection against bad weather, etc.

Plantation shutters windows are more popular in Europe and America, and it is kind of high-end door and window decorations.

Ventilation windows originated from the European royal family. At that time, there were no glass windows in the royal palace. Solid wood ventilation windows were installed in the lower half of the window, which filled the room with fresh air and precious sunlight.

Made to Measure Window Shutters

In the 21st century, shutters can be seen everywhere in urban houses, rural farms, and noble gardens, and more and more people to enjoy nature and experience life accompany with it. In recent years, with the improvement of people's living standards in China, ventilating windows have gradually become more and more popular in China, and are mostly used in high-end villas and European-style buildings.

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